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Vintage Beauty
The winner of this lot will have the opportunity to participate in a unique product development experience with Eszter Szakonyi, owner of the Vintage Beauty premium cosmetics line, in a programme that will showcase the most creative part of beauty care. Over the past 13 years, Vintage Beauty has become one of Hungary's most trusted natural cosmetics brands, winning nearly 40 national and international product awards. Its skin problem-solving and skin-plumping products for men and women, developed in its own cosmetic laboratory, and its two-time Salon of the Year Award-winning beauty salons, provide hundreds of thousands of people in Budapest and Rotterdam with a premium quality, uncompromising skincare experience. As the winner of the lot, Eszter Szakonyi, owner of Vintage Beauty, master cosmetician and medical cosmetician, will provide a detailed analysis of your skin condition in the brand's own laboratory, along with the development team, and will create a unique 100 ml face cream formulated with the most ideal ingredients for your skin, which will be yours to use exclusively and permanently at the end of the session.
Start time 21 Sep 2023 17:00
Closing time 21 Sep 2023 20:18
Starting bid  HUF 140,000
Total bids 13

This auction is closed, biddings on the lot are no longer possible

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"Különleges és egyszeri élmények, egy jó ügyért"
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21 Sep 2023 17:00
14 Oct 2023 23:59
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